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Water Damage Restoration

Repairing a water damaged home in New Orleans involves many steps. When going into a New Orleans property that has experienced water damage, the first thing our water damage repair team will do is inspect your structure for levels of water damage, also known as the classes of water damage. We will then identify the categories of water damage. Each class and category allows us to determine how bad the property has suffered from damages and outline the best way to conduct water damage restoration on your New Orleans property.

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Providing New Orleans Water Damage Repair Services

Water damage is a result of water intruding and attacking material within your New Orleans home or business. Whether it is due to a small leak or a massive flooding, handling the situation as quickly as possible is necessary. Before conducting water damage cleanup on your New Orleans property, it is extremely important to carefully inspect the affected areas so that both you and our team know how deep into the water restoration process we need to go.

New Orleans’ Certified Cleaning & Restoration DKI Water Damage Restoration

Class 1 damage is when a room that has absorbed as little moisture as possible. When water damage has affected an entire room by absorbing into walls and carpeting, that is defined as Class 2. The worst level of all, Class 3, is when water damage has saturated most of the affected area and absorption begins to come through ceilings. Each class lays out the severity of damage while each category will tell you what kind of water damage has occurred. For example, Class 1 of water damage involves damage from a clean water source such as toilet tanks and broken pipes. Category 2 of water damage involves intrusion of “grey water”, which is water from utilities in your New Orleans property such as a washing machine or a dishwasher. Category 3 involves complete unsanitary water that can cause your occupants illness, diseases and even death. This source of water typically comes from sewage, river flooding, and standing water that has bacteria and other microbes living in it.

Certified Cleaning & Restoration DKI Servicing New Orleans’ Water Restoration Needs

Our professional team is qualified in performing water damage cleanup and restoring your New Orleans home or business to like-new conditions. In the case of an emergency clean up, we offer 24-hour emergency clean ups throughout the Greater New Orleans area. Our certified team has the knowledge and experience to perform exceptional services on any of your restoration needs and can accurately get the job done in a quick and efficient manner.

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